Who We Are

When it comes to infrastructure projects, UnelecEnergy, a UAE-based company, has the people and processes in place to develop types of infrastructure projects across the world.

After being established under France-based Unelec Company license to manufacture low and medium voltage circuit breakers and generators in 1993, the company gradually laid the groundwork to diversify from a manufacturer to an EPC service provider in the power industry in generation, transmission and distribution. Since 2000, this company has been successfully executing a wide range of turnkey projects in a variety of Countries while extending its operations to other sectors such as water & sewage and civil construction.

With a 20-year-plus experience of implementing projects in power generation (non-renewable and renewable), transmission, distribution; water & sewerage; civil construction, we aspire to create value for global clientsby supplying high quality products and constructing and delivering world class projects by leveraging our strategic partners’ capabilities, and relying on the support of the governments and that of local companies.

To meet this aspiration, we have adopted an international expansion strategy with focus on setting up cross-border strategic partnerships, establishing branch offices in different regions.

UnelecEnergy, as a general contractor, has developed the essential capabilities for implementation of projects of any size in the fields of Power, Water & Sewage, and Civil construction around the globe.

Our activities are classified into the following categories:

  • Marketing intelligence;
  • Laying the groundwork for Cooperation with the governments and local companies;
  • Project financing;
  • Project execution on a turnkey basis;
  • Project management (MC).

Being a proactive company, UnelecEnergy, has always enhanced the quality of its products to meet its global clients’ requirements.

The proactive approach has helped us successfully carry out full scope projects around the world.

UnelecEnergy History

Originally founded as a manufacturer of low voltage & medium voltage circuit breakers and generators under Unelec license in 1993 in France, UnelecEnergy, from 2000 onward, on the back of long-term experience, in-house experts, financial capacity, and technical know-how, has evolved into a successful general contractor with the aim of maintaining an effective and systematic participation in international markets by the aforementioned capabilities in the fields of power, water and sewage and civil construction.

Our Vision

Creating sustainable value for societies by cooperating with the governments to develop/improve infrastructures in line with boosting the wellbeing of the citizens.

Our Mission

Our philosophy revolves around helping societies to accomplish economic development and sustained growth through establishing collaboration with the governments and local companies based on integrity and fairness.

Core values

As we believe our future is shaped through our stakeholders, we have established our relationships with our stakeholders such as co-workers, strategic partners, suppliers, financial institutions, clients, citizens, etc., on the basis of reliability, transparency and integrity.

* We develop our relationship with our strategic partners and suppliers based on respect, dignity and equity.

* We hire, train and retain talented people; we provide equal opportunities and a vital working place for our employees while treating them fairly and respectfully.

* We create value for our clients by building and delivering infrastructure projects on schedule, on budget and satisfying our clients’ requirements in time while minimizing the carbon footprint of the supply chain.

*We proclaim our responsibility to societies where we execute projects by enhancing economic growth, lowering environmental impacts and addressing the needs of societies at large.

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Ensuring excellence in every project is our core value at UNELEC. With strict controls, we deliver beyond expectations, earning trust and satisfaction.


Health is paramount. Extensive employee training and adherence to regulations have resulted in no lost workdays or health incidents.

Safety & Environmental

Safety is everyone’s responsibility. Our rigorous controls and compliance with environmental regulations earned us industry recognition.

Health, Safety & Environment

HSE is the responsibility of every employee, and zero incidents is our foremost goal. We’ve made efforts to execute our projects without a single lost workday or recordable incident by implementing rigorous controls through every phase of our projects, and our employees receive extensive training on how to perform their jobs safely, properly and in compliance with environmental regulations. Our health, safety and environmental processes and employee training have enabled UNELEC to achieve one of the best safety performance benchmarks in the industry.